Thursday, 30 August 2012

Certified Developer

I remember a time when I blogged about coding and solving technical problems with intelligent solutions, but now I seem to write more and more about qualifications and user-meetups.

Maybe I am becoming a consultant after all?

Well asides, because it's time for a new badge, and about time too. I have just taken and passed my Certified developers exam. I have huge thanks to pass on to Christopher Lewis, a colleague with the qualification who helped me prepare, through conversations, debates and a wicked revision guide, and also to the boss himself who took the exam minutes before me (and passed) which boosted my confidence nicely.

So here's to DREAMFORCE 2012, and my Developer Session "Integrating PayPal Mass Payments with" - presented Friday September 21st 11:00 San Francisco time (7:00pm UK time) in the Developer Theatre.


  1. Hi,

    Wondering if you can help. I have a wordpress website that pushes info into salesforce but it's not working. I would use a plugin but it's currently set to be built into a wordpress database as well.

    Do you have knowledge of wordpress/php and sales force that could potentially fix this?

    1. you can contact me at melodiem47 at

  2. Hi Melodie,

    Thanks for your comment! I believe someone from here at Desynit has got back to you regarding your enquiry? Hopefully that's cool :)